Prepositions – Dialogue for ESL

Practicing Prepositions   Summer Vacation   Liza:   Have you planned on what to do this summer? Gina:   In summer, I usually go to my grandmother’s house in the province. Liza:    Where is it? Gina:   It’s  in Palawan. Liza:    Wow, so you ride an airplane? Gina:   Yes, I fly on the plane. Liza:   What do you usually do there?

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Business/Auditing Terms

The attempt to translate the following business/auditing terms aims to help Filipino business and accounting students to understand the technical terms in their field easily.   fraud – panloloko/pamemeke/pandaraya felony – seryosong krimen na pinaparusahan ng batas (e.g. pagpatay ng tao) collusion/connivance/plot – sabwatan misstated/misstatement- mali ng pagkakasabi o mali ngpagkakakwenta o mali ng pagkaka-tantya understated- kulang ang idineklarang halaga

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Pusuan Mo: An Anthology of Literary Works for Millennials

1. What is Pusuan Mo Anthology all about? Pusuan Mo: An Anthology of Literary Works for Millennials is a book of literary works (short stories, essays, flash fictions, and poems) for the millennial generation. The book features social realist texts, realistic fiction that resembles real millennial stories, self-reflection poems, and contemporary non-fiction articles. Written by young millennial educators, Pusuan Mo

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