Stratagem means trickery, scheme, method, or twist. Since this site is about language,  this will combat the tricky, bamboozling, and deceptive structure and expressions in language. This will feature not only expressions in the English language but also in other languages. The site will basically give you tips on common errors to avoid. Moreover, this will provide you with tips on the best steps to follow in honing your language skills.

However, this is not limited to treachery in grammar, structure and usage. This will also feature other areas in language such as linguistics, oral communication, writing, and literature.

The blogger chose Stratagem among all the nouns that can be intertwined with “language” because the term can be parsed into two meaningful words: strata and gem. Actually, the origin of the word does not really have the root words strata and gem, I just parsed them into two meaningful units.

The word Strata means a layer or a division. Since the blogger has an extravagant fondness for language, different strata of language will be explored.

Gem, on the other hand, means treasure or masterpiece. This site is considered a masterpiece by the blogger, a treasure that can be shared with people who have the same fondness.