Different Expressions for English Learners

The following expressions (phrasal verbs, idioms, and slang) are the ones I used to teach people who want to learn the English language. Before ending my conversation with someone who wants to learn English from me, I make it a point to give a new expression related to our topic. I’m still updating the page. I hope that I will be able to help English learners out there.


fine by me

suits me fine or it suits me fine 


float a loan – it means to make a loan.


I have to float a loan for the renovation of our house.


floating interest rate


out of season




two or three sheets to the wind – drunk or intoxicated
Example: You are three sheets to the wind.


black sheep

come of age 


all-you-can-eat – it means the customers in a restaurant can eat all the food that they want to eat.
Let’s go to the newly opened all-you-can-eat restaurant in our town. I heard they serve various delectable dishes for only 2000 yen.

delectable – it means the food is delicious or tasty.

Oh, this spicy chicken that you said you cooked is so delectable.

Ordering food

Would you like a starter?



Giving Directions

go past – it means to pass by a certain place.


After going through the park, just go past the convenience store. Next to it is the building that you are looking for.



cup of tea  



pique – it means to provoke or awaken something such as the emotion of a person or the person’s curiosity.
It was the powerhouse band that piqued my interest in that program.



up for grabs –  it means that something can still be taken because it is available.
This work assignment is still up for grabs. Anyone?
move house

rip to shreds





peak season  



fully booked – it means all the rooms are occupied and there is nothing left to be reserved.


I’m sorry, sir but we are fully booked on that date.


Losing Something

lost in the shuffle 





freak of nature – it means something is really different or not normal

Example: What? You can eat 20 red spicy peppers? You a real freak of nature.




from here on out 


give (or lend) a hand – it means to help or assist a person in doing something.
It will be a big event. Can you send some people to give me a hand with


Slow day at work – This is the opposite of swamped. This is the season or time when you don’t do many things at work.


Sure, I can listen to your presentation later because I am on a slow day at work.



swamped – it means you are busy.


Oh, I’m sorry I can’t go, I’m swamped with a lot of deadlines on my desk.


360-degree feedback


know best- it means you are the most knowledgeable about something.


I miss my mother’s chicken curry. Mom really knows best about everything.



shove over – it means to move over and give space to other people.

Example: Could you shove over so that Lisa can sit down.


bustle around 



overdue – it means not doing the thing that you are supposed to do at the time it was expected for you to do it.

Example: Your electric bill is two months overdue.



shop around – it means going from store to store to compare the price and quality of the item you are buying.

Example: I will shop around for a concert


It’s a steal – it means something is super cheap

Example: Definitely, I’ll buy that one. It’s a steal.


It’s a rip-off – it costs a lot that it is already unreasonable because it’s price is higher than it supposed to be.

Example: I am not buying a smartphone for 70 000 pesos. It’s a rip-off.




teach (someone) a lesson


Telephone Conversation

Can I take a message? – it means you are asking the caller if she wants to leave a message for the person he/she is looking for.


I’m sorry but Ruby is not here. Can I take a message?




bump up – it means to move up to a much higher position which in travel means to be transferred to a more expensive seat.


Guess what? I was bumped up to the business class! Isn’t that amazing?


jet lag



muggy – it means the weather is humid.


Summer is just around the corner. Prepare for muggy days again.

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