The Ghost in my Cousin’s Red Dress (Part I of ABQ’s Timeless Ghost Series)



Part I – ABQ’s Timeless Ghost Series


The Ghost in my Cousin’s Red Dress

written by ABQ

Edited by FIQ



It was already past 10:00 that night when I decided to eat out with my best friend. We went to the nearest fast food restaurant. While I was placing my order, somebody called my name. It was my crush. I was in college back then. He smiled at me and asked me what I was ordering. I then looked at my best friend who seemed to get kilig by the presence of my handsome crush. He was such a tall and handsome guy, like a heartthrob. During that time I would feel really nervous around him.


After two hours of eating and chatting, we decided to go home. At that time, I was alone at my boarding house which was an old creepy house. While I was opening the locked entrance door, I felt a sudden weakness of my knees. Immediately, I felt a rush of heat all over my body as if my temperature was rising inexplicably. I supposed it was because of the thought of seeing my crush. Little did I know that something frightening was about to happen.


I went straight to my room which was on the second floor of the house right after I entered the kitchen doorway. In the kitchen, there was one big room on the right occupied by my housemate who was on her business trip abroad at that time. The living room was right next to the kitchen which had a staircase going to the second floor of the house. On the second floor, there were three big rooms. The first room across the staircase used to be my cousin’s and my room. I hurriedly entered the room while still feeling weak at the knees.


When I came into my room, I looked for a dress to wear for my dancesport class the next day. Since all my dresses were too long, I sent a text message to my cousin asking her if I could borrow one of her dresses. Fortunately, she told me I could just get whatever I wanted from her wardrobe. I opened her old wooden wardrobe where I found a lot of dresses to choose from. Since most of them were too formal for my PE class, I chose the mini red floral dress. I tried it on in front of the antique wardrobe mirror. The mirror sat in front of my bed. If you lie down on the bed, you can see yourself in the mirror. Next to my bed is my cousin’s bed which was in front of the bedroom door.


After finding a dress appropriate for my dancesport class, I thought it was time for me to go to sleep because it was already late, probably around 12 midnight. I returned the dress to the wardrobe and went to bed. I usually fall asleep more easily on the left side so at that time I lay on the bed facing our room’s window, away from my cousin’s bed.


I remember, right after I closed my eyes while trying to fall asleep facing the window that I heard hissing sounds (pssst, pssssst) as if someone is hissing at somebody to catch his/her attention. I ignored it at first because I thought the sounds came from the apartment next to our house but what happened next was horrifying.


The hissing sounds got louder and louder, closer to my nape. Until, I felt like “someone” was breathing close behind me. And the hissing sounds…came closer and louder right next to my ear. As I actually felt the breath of someone got nearer and nearer, hissing at me, breathing on my nape, I slowly turned around and frighteningly, looked at where it was coming from. When I looked up, I saw a woman, probably in her 20s, floating in the air. I couldn’t see her feet; it was blurry on that part. I couldn’t see the face as well. It was blurry just the same. I just saw her looking down at me with her hair wind-tossed. She looked frail, like a floating paper in a red dress. Yes, she was wearing the mini red floral dress that I tried a few minutes before the apparition.


Of course I got scared stiff. I didn’t know what to do. When I came to my senses, I hurried down the stairs and looked for the safest place. I found myself hiding beside a cabinet, sitting on the floor with my back on the wall. I felt like I would be able to protect myself that way. It was past 12 midnight and I was alone in a big old creepy house. I didn’t go to sleep at all during that time. I waited until the sun shone through the window before leaving that corner which had become my fortress.


The next day, I was telling the horrifying story to my landlord who just came from a trip but he wouldn’t believe me. So, I said I wouldn’t sleep and stay in the house for three days or more since I was still feeling terrified. He said it was just an illusion or some sort of hallucination.


But guess what happened next? Read the upcoming stories titled:

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According to my best friend who knows many things about this topic, the spirits of the dead do not come back to earth anymore. It’s the devil that lures us into believing that spirits can actually come back. Ghosts may be real but they are the devil’s way to trick us so we must always be  protected by prayer. Prayer and faith are still our best armor to ward off ghosts.


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