Sample Sponsorship Letter for an Event

Frances Quing, MD
Municipal Health Doctor
Municipal Health Office
Blue Moon Village, West Creek City
02-5678/0918 999 0485/


August 23, 2018



MR. Daryn Qoo
Area Manager
Snail Telecommunications Inc.
45A Star St. Cheela, Wilston City


Dear Sir Qoo:


The Municipal Health Office of Cheelah is organizing a bloodletting activity on November 3, 2018 with the theme: “Share Your Blood and Spare Cherished Lives.” The noble purpose of this activity is to encourage the people of Cheelah to take part in saving precious lives by the selfless act of donating blood for  needy patients. This is to promote the essence of life and strengthen the sense of sympathy among the people in the community.


As  a way of encouraging more people to take part in the said activity, the health office is planning to conduct a concert for a cause in which the volunteers who will donate blood will be able to have free access to the concert. Meanwhile, those who won’t be able to donate blood can still watch the concert by  securing a ticket.


In this regard, we are writing you this letter to seek support from your good office about our upcoming activity. We would greatly appreciate it if you could make a donation to help us accomplish our goal. Your donation would allow us to provide the necessary equipment and stuff that we will be needing for the said activity. In return, we would like to express our gratitude by placing your logo on our banner during the activity.


We are looking forward to your organization’s participation. This will certainly make our event more meaningful especially to those who want to help achieve our noble goal of saving more lives.


Thank you in advance for your sponsonsorship. Please feel free to contact me regarding your donation. We hope to see you at our bloodletting activity.




Bennet Craigton
Even Coordinator

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