Tricky Grammar Questions of Foreign Language Learners

The following are the questions I encountered from my foreign language students. If you are a grammar enthusiast, you may share your answer here. Let’s have a discussion.


Grammar Question 1. What is the difference between the use of the and that in the sentences below?

I don’t know why the girl was chosen.

I don’t know why that girl was chosen.


Grammar Question 2. Is it not right to put “with you” in the sentences below?

Did you bring a bottle of wine with you?

Di you bring your children with you?


Grammar Question 3. Which one is better to say in the sentences below?

We have no child.

We have no children.


Grammar Question 4.  Which one is correct to use in the expressions below?

in case of emergency

in case of an emergency


Grammar Question 5. Why can little children  speak grammatically correct sentences without even knowing or studying grammar? Why can’t I?


Grammar Question 6. What is a more natural expression for non-negotiable? Is there any slang or idiom for that?


Grammar Question 7. Why are some verbs being inserted with the expression “get to” like the examples below?

I got to arrive at the station at around 9:00a.m.

I get to finish my report.


Grammar Question 8 How is brewing and dripping coffee different?


Grammar Question 9 What is the difference between these two questions: What is the food that you usually eat and What food do you usually eat?


Grammar Question 9:  You live in the Philippines right? People there talk in Filipino. So you don’t have so many terms in English, so how can you remember all the grammar and stuff?


Grammar Question 10:  Is this a conditional sentence, “What if they say you could stay but you would have to pay extra, will it be okay”? If it is, then is my grammar correct? Why and why not?

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