Weekend EFL Class – Expressions for Weekend Classes (Topic – Being Late)

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Icebreaker: Introduce the expression jaunt to the student.

Jaunt has the same meaning with outing. It means a short trip and journey that you do to enjoy and have fun.


Ask the question: Are you having a relaxing jaunt this weekend?

Ask the following follow-up questions: 

  1. What do you usually do to reduce/relieve stress?
  2. Do you have any old hobbies  that you feel  like doing again?
  3. What fun things did you use to do that you don’t enjoy doing anymore?


Move on to your topic: Being Late

Ask the following questions:

  1. Have you ever been late to work?
  2. Oh, tell me what happened.
  3. How does your boss deal with late employees?
  4. What is the penalty for tardiness?
  5. How do you think should employees be disciplined for tardiness?
  6. What do you think is a good motivation to have more early bird employees?

Wrap up:

  1. Correct your student’s grammar and pronunciation error.
  2. Give your feedback.

You may also introduce a new idiom related to the topic. For instance, beat the clock.


Idiom: Beat the Clock – It means you have to finish your work quickly before the deadline.

Example: Oh, no! The power went out just when I was trying to beat the clock!

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A Relaxing Jaunt to an Island.

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