Prepositions – Dialogue for ESL

Practicing Prepositions


Summer Vacation


Liza:   Have you planned on what to do this summer?

Gina:   In summer, I usually go to my grandmother’s house in the province.

Liza:    Where is it?

Gina:   It’s  in Palawan.

Liza:    Wow, so you ride an airplane?

Gina:   Yes, I fly on the plane.

Liza:   What do you usually do there?

Gina:  On weekdays, I go swimming with my cousins at the beach. On weekends, we go fishing together.

Liza:   Wow! It sounds fun.

Gina:   Yeah, I really enjoy my summer vacation there. How about you?

Liza:    My birthday is in summer. It’s on April 28th so I celebrate it abroad.

Gina:   That’s cool.



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