Free ESL/ EFL Lessons (How’s the Weather?) Dialogue for Intermediate Students)

This Free ESL/EFL lesson is made for second or foreign language learners of English specifically for students who are at an intermediate level. This is specially dedicated to Filipinos who would like to learn how to pronounce the short /I/ as in the word “hit” versus the long /i/ in “heat”. Moreover, this will also specify the words with the

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Sample Sponsorship Letter for an Event

Frances Quing, MD Municipal Health Doctor Municipal Health Office Blue Moon Village, West Creek City 02-5678/0918 999 0485/   August 23, 2018     MR. Daryn Qoo Area Manager Snail Telecommunications Inc. 45A Star St. Cheela, Wilston City   Dear Sir Qoo:   The Municipal Health Office of Cheelah is organizing a bloodletting activity on November 3, 2018 with the

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